There are many unconventional, non-medicinal treatments for anxiety, PTSD, phobias and other psychiatric disorders. One of these unconventional treatment modalities is EFT Tapping. What is EFT Tapping?

EFT Tapping or Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is therapeutic technique that physically releases internal blocks and restores balance to the body on a cellular level. EFT tapping is similar to acupuncture in that it utilizes the body’s meridian points to facilitate change. For those of you who are afraid of needles, you’re in luck! No needles involved whatsoever. If you are looking to control your anxiety, cope with a traumatic experience, or decrease physical pain, you may be surprised at the results that EFT therapy can achieve.


a brief history of eft tapping


In 1980, psychologist Roger Callahan discovered Thought Field Therapy (TFT) tapping while working with a patient who suffered from a severe phobia of water. Through traditional therapy, the patient learned to cope with her fear enough to take her young daughter to the pool, though her phobia was still very present. Callahan, drawing inspiration from the ancient Chinese, had an epiphany: he asked the patient to tap on her cheekbone – a meridian point used in acupuncture – and a miracle occurred. The debilitating fear seemingly drained from her body, and she ran to the faucet, splashing water on her face. Eventually, Gary Craig, one of Callahan’s students, simplified the process by coming up with a series of meridian points that could be used in any scenario, without complicated algorithms, and so followed the birth of emotional freedom technique, or EFT therapy.


benefits of eft


EFT involves releasing internal blocks in your mind in order to promote the physical release of tension, as well as changes on a cellular level. The goal is to restore balance to the body and encourage people to confront their feelings – in a safe and relaxed environment – through cognitive restructuring and exposure.

By attending EFT therapy, a person can optimize his or her emotional health, improve coping skills, raise self-esteem, and reduce the negative effects of various psychological problems or past traumas. Even after your professional EFT sessions are over, the practice can easily become a long-term tool for your everyday life.


to the eft skeptics


For those of you who are thinking that this is voodoo or magical malarkey, there is a saying: we become what we think about, so imagine how powerful the mind must be. Consider the science behind how the brain controls the processes of the body through intricate communication. Focus on “mind over matter,” which we are oftentimes told when facing difficult challenges. EFT has been called a placebo. We don’t think so – we’ve seen the positive results first-hand. But placebo or not, the benefits of EFT therapy are real. If we learn to reprogram the mind, the body follows. Sometimes the most unorthodox methods, in the hands of professionals, can produce the most immaculate outcomes.

– – –

EFT tapping is an effective therapeutic technique to improve mental and emotional health. Food cravings, trauma, anxiety, paralyzing fears: emotional freedom technique will restructure the mind to think positively and even decrease the physical symptoms you are experiencing.

Placebo or not?

Try it and see for yourself.



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