Abuse doesn’t always confine itself to the limits of physical force the tongue can transform into a dagger, slicing the ego, cutting holes into thought patterns and shredding self esteem.  You’re too fat, too skinny, not smart enough, can’t do anything right.  One thought spewed by the mouth without thinking can propel a person into a self destructing silo of low self esteem.  Self esteem and self confidence are terms often intertwined but are truly different in meaning.  The fact of the matter is a person can have high self confidence and low self esteem.  Self esteem is your personal perception of you as an individual.  Self confidence is your reliance in your abilities to accomplish tasks at hand.  Although you may find confidence in you abilities you may see the reflection in the mirror as disgusting.

Regaining a sense of who you are after it has been lost is a process, but it’s a process worth doing.  Some symptoms of low self esteem include but are not limited to the following: Preoccupation with other people’s opinions, a disregard of self, anxiety or various emotional agitations, absence of social skills choosing to avoid social situations.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or others not mentioned on this list, all hope is not lost.  You can try these simple tips, start by looking at who you are and accept responsibility for your own actions (Don’t play t he blame game), although the behaviors, actions words etc of others may have had an impact on your life, you are the keeper of your mind body and soul, your reaction was and is your choice.  Avoid finding shortcomings in others.  Eliminate guilty feelings surrounding past mistakes.  Remember criticisms aren’t to be taken personally and should be used as learning experiences. Meditate on positive aspects of your life.  Exercise; beneficial to your health and self esteem.  Make lemonade out of lemons life throws at you and always celebrate success!  The underlying issues behind your low self esteem may require the help of a licensed professional counselor.  The staff at Creative Counseling Center is always here to help.

Take your negative past experiences and overcome them, learn to speak your own truth, it will be at this moment the only perception that truly matters is the positive one you have created.