Play Therapy in Denver

We get so many questions about what Play Therapy actually is? Is it a good fit for my child? 

This video is just for you.

Play therapy refers to a large number of treatment methods.

Play therapy is an umbrella term that describes several modalities including, dramatic play, art therapy, biotherapy, dance/movement, and sand tray. It’s a therapeutic approach for communicating with children through their form of language.
Play is the natural medium of children.


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Based on the brain development, usually, children have not developed the cognitive or verbal skills to process their feelings and experiences. Trained play therapists provide children and safe, supportive, and therapeutic environment for children to process their experiences.

Play therapy allows children to:
1. Experience a less threatening approach to talk therapy.
2. Communicate ideas, thoughts, feelings and their experiences.
3. Rehearse and master skills.
4. Allow parents, caregivers, and others, into a child’s world.
5. Express themselves as a metaphor for conflicts, emotions, and relationships.
6. Develop self-control, self-responsibility, and a healthy self-esteem.


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To help you decide if we’re a good fit for each other, simply call us at 303-843-6000 (Denver metro area) and schedule a phone appointment. One of our qualified therapists will call you back, and talk with you. If we’re not a good fit, we can probably help you find a therapist who is.