Virtual Counseling for Parents


Support for Parents When They Need It Most

Parenting has its ups and downs. Now, with daycare centers and schools closed, most parents have found themselves in the unique position of being both parents and teachers—all while working from home and trying to maintain some semblance of a self-care routine. Yes, these are very challenging times for parents right now. But don’t worry, the team at Creative Counseling Center is here to support you with virtual counseling for parents.

We can be here to listen, to be an unbiased shoulder to cry on. We can help you find healthy ways to manage your frustration. We can help you process guilt and learn to accept yourself for who you are as a parent—and as a human. We can help you navigate this never-before-seen situation, and come out standing strong on the other side.

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HIPAA-compliant Telehealth platform for virtual counseling for parents

hipaa compliant telehealth

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hipaa compliant telehealth

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Virtual Counseling for Parents