Everyday people ask for advice or help from those around them, but this can be a difficult task when everything in life seems to be going in the wrong direction. Seeking counselors and performing specific therapeutic activities for adults may benefit you in many ways. Do your best to put fear of judgement or embarrassment behind you, and do not let denial or doubt stop you from what could be a positive life practice. Opening up to counseling help and activities to support therapy can be enjoyable, relaxing and cognitively stimulating. Imagine painting a beautiful abstract to express yourself; listening to a beat that you feel in your soul; feeling accomplished and motivated after exercise. 

A few proven therapeutic activities for adults may include:


Expressive arts and play therapy consist of many different activities, like storytelling, nature, sandbox and dream. All of these may seem childish, but they have been used to enhance cognitive and physical behaviors in adults. Telling a narrative on the spot and creating drawings in a sandbox will assist adults in relearning the values of a child-like imagination. In addition to creating an environment that feels comfortable and safe, expressive art therapy allows adults to address more serious issues without the walls and barriers our experienced minds may have created. 


Everyone knows that it is healthy to take part in exercise on a daily basis to maintain a healthy weight, heart and body. The other benefit to taking part in physical activity is the effect it can have on the mind, scientifically and emotionally. The brain releases endorphins during exercise, physiologically causing a person to feel happy and more positive. Exercise is also a natural way to relieve stress. This can be great counseling help, because it clears the mind and encourages people to open up more easily. Try taking a walk in nature, pumping some iron, or going for a run, if that suits your fancy. A walk can help people to feel ahead of their issues, and encourages them to confront challenges. It will also give you something to look forward to, as well, usually referred to as walk-talk therapy. After whichever physical activity you choose, evaluate how you feel mentally and physically. Chances are you’ll feel balanced and even-keeled.


Painting, drawing, music and dance all provoke the imagination and can help you focus. Using any of these as activities to support therapy may enhance your counseling sessions. Art therapy, such as painting and drawing, allows the mind to express thoughts, anxieties or even dreams that are hard for people to verbalize. In addition, having an alternate method of expression can better link the communication between your mind and you, as well as between you and your therapist. It is also fun to take an empty canvas or paper and fill it with anything you want – the possibilities are endless! Furthermore, according to researchers, listening to music can be a gateway to self-realization and acceptance, can ease pain, and tailor intervention. 


Yoga is growing in popularity around the world and for good reason: it provides techniques, insight and practice into breathing and mindfulness. The awareness that is created by moving through yoga postures can assist individuals in feeling like they are in control and mentally ready to tackle challenges. Meditation, whether in yoga or on its own, can also aid in refocusing the mind, letting go of tension, or any figurative noise that may be preventing us from getting down to the real issue. Take a leap and try a guided yoga practice or meditation – you may be surprised with the results! 

There are many therapeutic activities for adults. Take action and try some of them! Push fears of judgement or embarrassment aside and remember that millions of adults around the world swear by these practices. If anything, be proud that you are pursuing a path towards bettering yourself in a fun and exciting manor! Counseling help combined with therapeutic activities may just lay a perfect foundation for personal growth. 


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