Exercise and the great outdoors are known, wonderful healers. So, what if you combined these in your therapy session?  

This is what mental health practitioners are doing across the country, and it is referred to as “Walk and Talk Therapy.” By taking sessions outdoors and walking side-by-side, conversations can seem less threatening, feel less judgmental, and encourage clients to cheer up more easily.  Movement and nature also tend to relax people, making it easier to discuss complex emotions and thoughts. Clients feel as though they are moving forward and ahead of their struggles—quite literally—which can provide a sense of power, bringing on a sense that they can tackle any challenges they may face.  

Walk and Talk Therapy naturally integrates the use of the senses, which can be soothing and encourage mindfulness. It can also spark more creative and deeper ways of thinking, which can help clients confront difficult mental and emotional issues.  

Also, research has consistently demonstrated the positive impact on mental well-being when the body is in motion. Exercise can significantly reduce anxiety and depression while improving one’s overall mood. Walk and Talk Therapy allows clients the opportunity to move their body, release some of those feel-good endorphins, and promote both mental and physical well-being.   

Nowadays, the challenges posed by COVID-19 make Walk and Talk Therapy a welcomed option for many. Those who prefer Telehealth appointments during this time, now have Walk and Talk Therapy as an alternative to stay engaged in therapy without the concerns about exposure potential. Walk and Talk Therapy, because it is conducted outside, can alleviate health concerns while still providing a human connection and social interaction clients crave and need. 

Here at Creative Counseling Center we offer the perfect setting for your Walk and Talk Therapy sessions. Our location has large grassy areas, plenty of sidewalk paths, benches, and shade from trees to sit under. We ensure your sessions will be conducted in a private location, away from others, as confidentiality is of utmost importance to our team of therapists. 

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