guide to self love

Be Your Own Valentine: A Guide to True Self Love

Dean Martin once sang “You’re nobody ‘til somebody loves you…” but by “somebody,” he should have meant the person you hold in the highest esteem: yourself. People toss around phrases like, “You have to love yourself” or “Love yourself before you can love someone else,” but what...
signs of low self-esteem

Surprising Signs of Low Self-Esteem & How To Change the Way You Think About Yourself

Those who suffer from low self-esteem are likely aware their warped self-image negatively impacts their life experiences. At the worst, low self-esteem can lead to severe mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety. At its best, low self-esteem can drive people to...
teach children gratitude during the holiday season

For Gratitude Greater than Greed: 5 Ways to Teach Your Children Gratitude During the Holidays

The holiday season, for all its joy and wonder, has an insidious way of bringing out a terrible quality in our children: greed. No, no parent intentionally raises greedy children. In fact, the majority of us go above and beyond to teach our children to show appreciation and...
self care during the holiday season

Self-Care & Stress Management During the Holiday Season

With all of its whimsy and wonder, the holiday season has arrived. And while many people revel in the magic of bright-eyed children and good cheer, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can leave us lacking in the self-care department. There are cookies to bake, parties to...
positive affirmations vs. afformations

Keys to Self Care: Positive Affirmations vs. Afformations and Why It Matters

The power of positive thinking. We’ve all heard that phrase, and yet the majority of us still fall into patterns of harsh negativity. I’m not smart enough to get that promotion. I’m too out of shape to train for a 5K. I’m not strong enough to walk away from this destructive...
mind-body therapies

Counseling Advice: Get Better Results by Adding These Mind-Body Therapies to Your Routine

In and of itself, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and talk therapy can be powerful ways for an individual to expand the emotions that he or she is comfortable dealing with, while building self-esteem and finding global solutions to a wide array of everyday problems—from marriage...
stress management

take a deep breath: counseling advice for stress management

From something as minor as a traffic jam or disciplining a child to something as heavy as processing the pain caused by an unfaithful spouse or the grave illness of a loved one, stress can easily manifest in our lives, bringing along with it emotional, physical, cognitive and...
time to stop therapy

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times & When It’s Time to Stop Therapy

Many people seek therapy when they are struggling with specific challenges or emotions: fear, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship woes, etc. In some circumstances, clients “graduate” from therapy as soon as their presenting symptoms cease. However, when therapy is...
grief counseling advice

Not-So-Good Grief: Coping with the Loss of Mom on Mother’s Day

“Loss and heartache do not define you. They are part of your story.” –Unknown For many, Mother’s Day is a time of celebration. But for many others, Mother’s Day is a time of grief and pain. Whether you are grieving the loss of your mom, have a complicated relationship with her,...
helping children through divorce

helping children through divorce: advice from our child counselors

You had and you held your husband or wife, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. But when “I do” turns into “I don’t,” it creates a mess of emotions for you… and also for your children. As a parent, your job is twofold: to find healthy coping strategies for your own...