“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”
–Paul McCarthy

Whether you’re a Valentine’s Day fanatic or skeptic, there’s no denying that what the world needs now is love, sweet love. Single or hitched, there’s always room for more love in your life—and what better way to attract more love than to create more love!

Imagine a world in which love is as compelling as hate? Where people are driven to act as passionately in the name of affection as they are by enmity?

Well, as they say, change starts within. Here are five simple ways to spread love everyday:

1. Send a love note. It doesn’t need to be addressed to a secret crush, or even a significant other. Just let someone you care about know you’re thinking about them, or that you’re grateful for them. Handwritten notes are always appreciated, but an email, text or Facebook message will work just as well.

2.  Smile at a stranger. How simple is that? You never know how such a small act of kindness can impact someone’s day. Maybe your smile will inspire them to smile at another stranger and your showing of love could result in hundreds more.

3. Go out of your way for someone else. Bring a co-worker a cup of coffee, or bake cookies for a friend. Small gestures go a long way when it comes to spreading love.

4. Spend quality time with a loved on. Oftentimes the most valuable gift we can give is our precious time. In a world where we tend to run, run, run—we’re late, we’re off to a meeting, it’s time to pick up the kids, we’re cooking dinner, etc. etc.—taking the time to sit with a friend or family member is a true showing of love.

5. Love yourself. After all, you are always your own Valentine. Pamper yourself by taking a walk, doing yoga, meditating, or hitting the spa for an afternoon. When you love yourself, you are better equipped to love others.

On Valentine’s Day and every day, be mindful of the love you bring to the world around you. Even when—no, especially when—you don’t feel love, remember that, like most things in life, we’ll receive the love we create.

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