Childhood abuse is truly an epidemic in our society. As parents you have the biggest responsibility that there is…keeping your children safe in world that seems so unpredictable at times. We teach our children all about safety on a regular basis…how to cross the streets safety, how to wear bicycle helmets so why wouldn’t we teach them how to keep their bodies safe.

You have the power to teach your children as early as three-years-old.

Teach them the difference between touches

  • Safe touches (i.e.  high 5’s, hugs, pat on the back, etc.)
  • Unsafe touches (i.e. hitting, kicking, pushing, inappropriately touching private body parts).

It’s important to tell them that a safe touch (i.e. tickling) can sometimes start as a safe touch but lead into unsafe touch if they no longer like it or want to participate in it anymore.

Teach them the medical terms for their body parts (penis, vagina, and bottom) that way they have the words to use to let you know if something is happening. If you feel uncomfortable I suggest using (private body parts). Explain how these are our body parts that are covered by our bathing suits.

Teach them the touching rule:

  • No one should touch our private body parts except to keep us clean and healthy.
  • Doctors-help keep kids healthy
  • Parents/Caregivers-sometimes need to help to keep kids clean

Teach them what to do when someone breaks the touching rule.
1) Say “NO”
2) Run away
3) Tell a grown-up right away

Children like adults learn by repetition so go over these concepts over and over and over again with your child. You can add more details as the get older and are able to understand more about their bodies.