Offering Play Therapy In Denver

If you are searching for a Counselor for Kids, then you might be looking for a place that actually specializes in Play Therapy to work with the unique nature of children from the age of 2 and up! You have come to the right place!


We are child therapists who offer a variety of modalities for therapy for children, here at Creative Counseling Center.

While we offer a variety of services for children needing counseling, we specialize in offering play therapy in Denver for children starting as young as age 2. Play therapy is the modality that is best suited for children that we recommend for a variety of reasons. We use a non-directive approach that allows the child to be in charge of their play to provide the most successful results for each individual scenario.

Children come to us for a variety of reasons including:

  • Abuse and Neglect Issuesdenver-counseling-services
  • Adoption
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Behavior Problems
  • Blended Families
  • Depression
  • Difficulty with Change
  • Divorce
  • Grief & Loss
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Self-injurious Behaviors (cutting)
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Stress Management
  • Teen Issues
  • and much more….

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Choosing a counselor for your child can be difficult. 

We at Creative Counseling Center make it simple. 

Here’s how:child counseling services

  • We are Independent. So we have your best interests in mind, not the insurance company’s
  • We are Experienced.  We understand the variety of needs that exist with the children and the families that we service.
  • We acknowledge and provide a safe GOOD BYE process with all of our clients including our children to ensure they understand it’s just good bye for now and releasing them with the tools for long term success.
  • ONE Call and we have you all set-up for counseling PLUS numerous other special touches we provide along the way. Our resource network in Colorado is extensive.
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Child Therapy In Denver“Thank you for helping when I needed help the most in my life. You have helped me get better after the trauma had happened in my life. I really enjoyed coming here and you helped me go from a 10 in pain to a 1 now. I really appreciate your help. Thank you.”

-13 year-old Girl




What is Play Therapy? Why This Type of Child Counseling Versus Another?

Play therapy refers to a large number of treatment methods, all of which make use of one or more of the natural benefits of play. It is a special therapeutic approach for working with children, adolescents, their families and/or care providers.

Play is the natural medium of children. Usually, children have not developed the cognitive or verbal skills that adults use to discuss feelings, emotions, and experiences in therapy. A safe and structured playroom environment is established where children are encouraged to play in ways that reveal concerns, problems, and issues they are struggling with.

A qualified play therapist is able to guide the play of children in ways that are therapeutic and healing. Parents, family members or care providers are often included in the play. This allows the play therapist to observe and interpret the full range of systemic/relational dynamics that are important to the child or adolescent. The play therapist is then able to enter into the intrapsychic and systemic reality of the child resulting in appropriate suggestions and interventions.



Still have questions?

That is very common and we encourage you to be a part of the process as needed. Contact us at (303) 843-6000 to match you with the perfect therapist at our practice.

Child Counseling Services


“You have been such a huge beam of light in our sons world as well as mine. Your kindness, ability to connect, and your patience to listen to concerns of his parents are precious gifts and make you brilliant at what you do – Guide my son to healing. Thank you.”

Parent of 6 year-old.



Play therapy allows for:

1. Children to communicate ideas, thoughts, fantasies, feelings and experience through play.
2. Children to recreate and resolve events (such as trauma, divorce, abuse or death of a parent or family member).
3. Children work though various problems in play.
4. Children can rehearse and master skills and other techniques through play.
5. A window for adults, including parents, caregivers, and foster parents, into a child’s world.
6. Children to express themselves as a metaphor for conflicts, emotions, and situations experienced.
7. Children a process of energy enhancement (“doing” versus “talking”).
8. Children a less threatening approach to talk therapy.
9. Children to helps to relieve feelings of tension and stress.
10. Children to develop self-control, self-responsibility, and appropriate self-esteem.



“When I first arrived here I was in such need and Teri helped me express all my sorrow that I had inside. Im going to miss your comforting words and being able to talk to you about all the hard stuff. I’m going to miss you.”

-11 year-old Girl



Here are some common FAQ’s

What is the length of therapy?

This is such a common question that we are very happy to answer. Each child processes information differently. The length of therapy depends on several factors of the child’s experiences. The child’s developmental stage and the age of the child at the onset of the issue are taken into consideration. Often times, the more recent the issue, the shorter the therapy. We are happy to report that we have a high success rate of successfully ending treatment with our children clients in a safe process that allows the child to be included and not forgotten! When you visit our office, you will see our TREE. Ask us about it and what all the names entail!!!!

Therapy for children is NOT just like therapy for adults and shouldn’t be treated as such. It’s crucial for you to find the child therapist that connects with your child, but will also work with your child in a way that allows for them to flourish.

Do I as the parent need to be or am I involved?

Parents are encouraged to be a part of the play therapy process by meeting with the therapist on a regular basis. Involvement provides parents with practical strategies for managing problematic behaviors at home. When appropriate, parents may be asked to participate in the play process and be asked to do activities outside the session. A common goal for many children in therapy is to provide the tools for the ongoing success to happen at home too!

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Still have questions?

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