With the pandemic comes a new set of parenting skills that parents find themselves needing to figure out now that many kids are hunkered down at home more often. Parents are working from home, but their kids are either home as well or in some form of hybrid-online school. This creates a lot of stress for parents who find themselves required to split their attention between work and their children.

Here are some tips to help manage your kids being at home during this school year:

1. Set up a dedicated space for your children to use while they are in class online. Kids need their own space that is dedicated to their “work,” the same way you set up an at-home office for yourself.

2. Keep a set routine and schedule for your kids. Kids respond well to structure and schedules because they know what to expect next.

3. Set up house rules with your kids together so they have a say in the new house rules. These rules can include limits to online games, TV time, playtime, snacks, or exercise.

4. Reinforce the rules you and your kids set. Kids respond well to boundaries and actually want to see you sticking to and holding firm boundaries.

5. Talk to your kids about their fears and anxieties during this time. They may have some stress about this new way of schooling or could be upset that you have to split your attention between them and work. Reassure your kids you are always there for them.

6. Focus on positive discipline. Kids may be more worried during a pandemic and they may misbehave or have trouble managing their emotions. Find a way for them to direct their attention with some creative play or physical activity.

7. Set aside special alone time for just you and your kids doing something they enjoy. This will make them feel special, important, and reassured during uncertain times.

2020 has proven to be a stressful year with unforeseen circumstances. However, families may find greater flow when hybrid-home schooling and working from home collide by opening lines of communication, setting expectations, and establishing routines with children.


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