For anyone who lives with a chronic/terminal illness—from mesothelioma to an autoimmune disorder—getting through each day is a challenge. As a prime example, mesothelioma is not curable so your goal is to be as comfortable as possible day to day. The good news is there are things you can do to help brighten your day, give you more energy, help lessen the symptoms of your illness and even increase life expectancy. A survivor of mesothelioma shares her story, which shows that many times what is claimed to be impossible is quite possible indeed. It is important for any individual going though times of ill health to begin healing the mind as well as the body; exercises helps to do just that.

Did you know regular exercise could actually make you happier? The increased blood flow from the physical activity stimulates your brain to release certain chemicals, like serotonin, which makes you feel happier. Now, you suddenly want to exercise because it makes you feel better emotionally. This will no doubt be the first benefit you notice. Soon, you may be finding yourself calling up a friend or a family member to come exercise with you, or even just to spend some time together, because you want to be out and about a little more. Already, you are experiencing positive benefits, but it does not end there.

Not only are you now wanting to exercise, you are starting to find that you have more energy for it. One of the reasons is because of the increased blood flow. Blood is what carries vital vitamins and nutrients to the cells of your organs,tissues and muscles which in turn, helps them to function better. When your body gets what it needs, it will fall in line naturally. For example, as you exercise, you improve your muscle strength, which increases your endurance. Now, your cardiovascular system works better. The result is your heart and lungs work more effectively and now you have more energy. Combine this with the boost to your self-esteem and confidence as you see the physical and emotional improvements and you have a winning combination.

Any doctor will encourage a daily home exercise program and the reason for it is simple, it will help you feel better in every way. A home exercise program is simple and convenient. Your doctor will be able to show you an easy routine that will not injure you. Over time, invasive medical treatment will wear you out and take its toll on your body. Regular exercise will help your body better deal with your medical treatment and it will give you a more positive outlook.

A regular home exercise program may be hard to do at first, but the emotional and physical benefits far outweigh the initial difficulty. So, find an exercise you can do and have fun! Your illness, be it a rare disease like mesothelioma or anything else, exercise can lessen the effects of treatment on your life and lead you on a path to a better quality of life.