Finding the right therapist can help you change your life for the better. But how do you know when you’ve found a therapist with that elusive “click factor”? This article discusses how a comfortable client-therapist relationship feels. We also touch on how Creative Counseling Center carefully matches clients with a therapist who is not only qualified and experienced to support them but is one with whom they are more likely to click.




Many call our counseling center and say they didn’t get anywhere with their past therapist. They often don’t know why. We believe it has a lot to do with clicking with a therapist. Sometimes, we want to feel a sense of connection, a kindred spirit of sorts, or just feel like we click with a therapist. We want to feel as though our therapist gets us.


In reality, finding the right therapist can be similar to clicking with a new friend or dating. You may need to meet several therapists before finding the one you click with.


The right therapist will be a person who makes you feel comfortable and welcome. Your conversation won’t feel forced and will seem to flow freely, in the same way as with a friend who’s easy to get along with. You feel heard, valued, and experience a sense of empathy from your therapist.


You may need a few sessions before making a decision on a therapist. Or you might feel that click right away. Once you have met your therapist, ask yourself how you feel about your upcoming session? Do you feel a vague sense of dread? Or do you look forward to seeing your therapist? Listening to your inner voice and instinct can help you decide whether or not you have that “click factor” with your therapist.


And if things don’t feel right, don’t worry or feel guilting about wanting to find a better you’re your therapist wants you to feel comfortable. If you don’t, there’s no shame in searching for someone new.




When speaking with new clients, we listen carefully to what struggles and challenges they’d like to address in therapy. We identify which therapists on our team have the training and experience to support the new client. We then consider who of those therapists has appointment availability. Lastly, we pay attention to the new client’s speaking rhythm, tone, and personality style. Do they seem more outgoing, or are they a bit more reserved? Do they seem more “Type A” or are they a more laid back? Do they speak quickly or are they slower, more deliberate with their speech?


In our experience, we’ve found that a quieter, reserved person, who speaks more slowly is more likely to feel comfortable with a therapist of a similar temperament. Likewise, a Type A, faster speaking client may feel less engaged with a soft-spoken therapist.


Think about the last time you went to a store where a customer service person irritated you. Maybe you speak and move more quickly and the employee spoke very slowly, deliberately, and thoughtfully. There’s nothing wrong with either approach however as a fast talking, get-it-done type of person, a slow speaking customer service associate may very well irritate you.


Now consider that that customer service associate is your therapist. It’s probably not going to work out. The therapist may be more than qualified, with years of experience. However, you aren’t likely to click with such a therapist. Pacing in a conversation is crucial and we want to match you with a therapist who’s pacing compliments our client’s.


Our holistic approach to matching clients and therapists sets our practice apart from other counseling centers. We don’t just partner clients with the therapist who happens to have an opening in their schedule. We match both professional expertise and personality to work toward the best possible outcome. This is what helps us help you find that “click factor.”


And if our first match isn’t great, which occasionally happens, we’re happy to transfer you to another therapist. Just let us know where we missed the mark. Having a team of therapists allows us the luxury of assigning you to another therapist who is a better match.





Are you struggling to find a therapist you click with? We can help! Simply complete the brief form below to request a Free Phone Consultation and a member of our team will call you. After learning about your specific circumstance and therapeutic goals, we will have enough information to partner you with the therapist you’re most likely to click with. If our practice is not an ideal fit, we are happy to provide referrals to other providers in the Denver metro area. We look forward to connecting with you soon and helping you find that elusive click factor.