Recently we conducted a survey on Facebook and it appears in the minds of our FB friends and family, EFT is defined as either Electronic Funds Transfer (not quite) or Emerging Fun Times.  Clearly, it is time to reveal just what the heck is EFT.

Simply put, the emotional freedom technique is acupuncture without needles.  Instead of using needles your finger tips are utilized to jump start specific energy channels, also known as meridian points within your body.  Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is a thriving influence in proving why EFT is so effective. His theory states “All matter is made up of energy “and as we know, all energy is made up of positive and negative charges. The process is effective because it blocks your subconscious from negative seed harvests by exercising natural physiological energy points.  The foundation of EFT is based on the discovery statement “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”  This same discovery statement also represents foundational principles of Energy Psychology (EP).

In addition to commingling with your body’s natural energy points, EFT is an easy to follow, simple to do, one minute process to complete.  The process is comprised of four basic ingredients, setup, sequence, 9 Gamut energy points’ (stimulation of meridian points) then sequential repeat.

Scientific studies have proven EFT can quickly limit the effect of memories as well as occurrences that onset emotional distress.  By eliminating or lowering distress, your body in most cases self balances, which in turn speeds up healing, therefore reducing time needed in therapy.

EFT has been found to help with a variety of dilemmas such as:

·         Stress/Anxiety

·         Fears/Phobias

·         Trauma

·         Self-esteem

·         Shifting thoughts

·         Food cravings

·         Sports performance

The wonderful thing about EFT is you become ruler over your emotions and can turn on or off what bothers you on purpose in order to become free.

Please join us September 24, 2011 for an EFT CERT I workshop, by completion you will be able to leave and practice EFT for yourself, which will lead to emerging fun times and greater electronic funds transfer.