Family therapy takes a systems approach in looking at the family. The family is seen as a whole unit rather than the sum of the members of the family. At CCC, we meet with the family to determine the underlying causes of the disruption in the system and work with the family unit to restore the balance.

It seems that in today’s society we have more and more stressors, financial pressures, responsibilities, time restraints, etc that impact our family system more than ever.

As result, we are seeing more and more families overly stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, and near their breaking point. The health of the family has been lost. We want to give families a sense of hope in understanding that things can be different and work together through this process.

We meet the family in its current condition and work in collaboration with the family to reinstate harmony. Depending on the presenting issue we create an individualized plan based on your family’s needs and work with the family to meet those goals. We encourage each member to take an active role in the therapy process to impact change.

We encourage going back to the basics and redesigning family time to include more one-on-ones and quality family time in addition to the work that we do in session.

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