In a world with many distractions, prioritizing quality time with our kids has become more important than ever. Particularly when working from home confuses the boundaries between work life and home life.


We also have an endless array of streaming entertainment, cell phone apps and games, and social media at our fingertips. And with the hustle and bustle of daily life, quality time may seem like a quaint notion to some.


But creating quality time with your child doesn’t have to be complicated.


In this article, we look at 9 fun ways to spend quality time with your child. 


1.  Connect by Getting Down on Their Level
The next time your child is engaged in a building project, art, or playing with dolls, ask if you can join in. Chances are they’ll be thrilled to share their Lego creation, block stacking, Magna-Tiles, or fort-building project with you. Put your phone away and enjoy! If you’re distracted, your child will know, and your full attention will be more meaningful to them.


2.  Have a Hot Chocolate and Reading Party
If your child is too young to read independently, ask them to pick a few favorites to read aloud together. Whip up mugs of hot (or warm) chocolate and cozy up for some bonding time.


3.  Watch a Kid-Friendly Series or Movie Together
Intentionally consuming media can be a great way to relax while also offering a way to connect with your child. To avoid mindless streaming, create a “to-watch” list as a family. When you’re ready to watch something, work with your child to make an intentional choice from the list, rather than scrolling until you find something that catches your eye. (Hint: for family-friendly media, check out this list from Common Sense Media.)


4.  Unplug from Media and Plug Into Nature
Spend a few hours exploring the outdoors together. Don’t make it too complicated. If you have hiking paths nearby, great! But if you don’t, spending time at a local park or even your own backyard can be just as fun. See if you can find and identify different animals, plants, cloud formations, or rocks. Bonus points if you leave your phone at home or in your pocket.


5.  Get Crafty in the Kitchen
Find a fun recipe to cook together. Try baking Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies or whipping up a kid-friendly dinner like Chicken Quesadillas or Pizza Pasta Casserole. Be sure to stay mentally present with your child. No texting or Googling to pass the time. Remember: occupying the same place doesn’t necessarily equal quality time. Your mind must be present too!


6.  Go on a Photo Scavenger Hunt
Does your child enjoy taking photos with a smartphone or camera? Try going on a photo scavenger hunt together! Check out these fun scavenger hunt ideas, or create your own.


7.  Let Your Child Take the Lead for a Day
Let your child plan an entire day of together time. A visit to the zoo followed by lunch at their favorite cafe? Sure! Building forts in the living room all day? Why not? Your child will love the opportunity to plan something they think would be really fun!!.


8.  Try an Arts and Crafts Project 
Spark your creativity with a hands-on activity. Check out 18 Easy Art Activities for Kids to Do at Home for some inspiration.


9.  Have a Game Night
Enjoy quality time together while adding in a fun dose of competition. Try some old classics like Twister, Battleship, or Operation. Or, if you’re a little more adventurous, check out some of the newer games like Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game for Kids, Dixit, or Settlers of Catan: Family Edition.



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