1. Breathe. Practice deep breathing filling your diaphragm with air. “Breathe in calm, breathe out tension.” Practice daily.
2. Meditate. Learn how to meditate to quite your mind at least once a day.
3. Exercise. Exercise increases endorphins in our brains for a lot of positive benefits. It is recommended to exercise at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes for the most benefit.
4. Laugh. Incorporate laughter into your life on a regular basis. It’s impossible to be stressed and laughing at the same time.
5. Stop. Turn off the negative “stinky thinking.”
6. Affirm. Use positive affirmations to affirm what you want in your life (i.e. I am gratefully enjoying all my success at work).
7. Gratitude. Identify what you are grateful for each day.
8. Balance. Set healthy boundaries with family, friends, colleagues, or other situations in your life.
9. Splurge. Do things to take care of you. Get a massage, manicure, pedicure, acupuncture, etc.
10. Prioritize. Make a list of your projects and create a realistic time frame for each.
11. Eat. Consume foods that give you energy and make you feel good.
12. Sleep. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is crucial in managing your stress (See the sleep hygiene blog).
13. Learn. Discover a new hobby that you are passionate about.
14. Play. Find fun activities to participate in that bring you joy.